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At a meeting of the American Educational Research

At a meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has freely admitted the problems associated with standardized testing.He described it as ‘mediocre’ and an inadequate way of determining student achievement and teacher proficiency.He also acknowledged the suffocating effect of high stakes standardized testing on students and on teachers.

Perhaps of particular interest was his criticisms of the use of any one measure to determine the achievement of a student, a school or a teacher, He was absolutely clear about the need for multiple, varying types of measures if we want to get a valid picture of what is happening in education.

And so, for Australia, comes the obvious question. Why is a school’s ranking on the My School web site based on only a single measure, a standardized test?

Our government is committing itself more and more deeply- the NAPLAN testing of science Comes next-to a system that has been tried and found woefully wanting in the USA.

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May 4, 2013 · 3:03 pm

A Gradual opening of Eyes

This article features in one of Australia’s most respected newspapers. The University of Melbourne (one of the world’s most respected universities) has carried out an intensive study of the many unintended negative consequences of high stakes testing in Australia.

Teachers are spending significant time in test preparation, they are teaching to the test, the curriculum is narrowing and kids and teachers are feeling anxious and frustrated. – not to mention bored.

And yet our political leaders will not accept the evidence. According to the Federal Education Minister, Peter Garrett, the findings are simply out of touch with the real opinions of the teachers who provide him with feedback. Hmmm. Wake up Mr Garrett. Open your eyes and ears.


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