Patricia BuoncristianiPat Buoncristiani has spent over thirty years as an educator committed to the belief that learning how to think is the foundation for every successful learner. She has been a classroom teacher, a teachers college lecturer and, most recently, a school principal in both Australia and the USA. Her experience includes work with school systems in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. She has had extensive experience training educators in early literacy development, behavior management and the development of thinking based curricula.

Together with her husband, Martin Buoncristiani, they have provided professional development to  teachers and administrators in both Australia and the USA. They are both closely associated with lifelong learning organizations in both countries and have provided extended workshops and courses in the development of skillful thinking to parents and community groups.

Further information about their work can be found at: http://www.thinkingandlearninginconcert.org/

Pat and Martin are providers of professional development about Habits of Mind and are endorsed by Drs Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick and listed on their web site at the Institute for Habits of Mind: http://instituteforhabitsofmind.com

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