Charles Dickens, NAPLAN, and the Corporatisation of Education.

Thanks Paul.

The Treehorn Express



 Paul Thomson. You’ll have seen him in action on TV  Paul is the proud Principal of Kimberley College at Carbrook, a southern suburb of Brisbane. The College website is worth exploring as is a trip through its facebook ;

Paul Thomson was previously a primary school principal, who had done the hard yards in the developmental apprenticeship system of  serving in many parts of Queensland, completing his service at Kimberley Park State School. He had opened this school in 1985 as a multi-aged, de Bono style school [Thomson style really] THINKING school, teaching THINKING. It gained a world reputation for the quality of its work and its achievements. Visitors from overseas and inter-state were constant.
The parents of the school wanted their children to  follow seamlessly, the principles and practices when they moved to high school. There was none available, so…

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