Not Everything Can be Measured with Kitchen Scales.

Some interesting thoughts on the NAPLAN literacy testing by someone who knows.

The Treehorn Express

Distinguished Guest Writer

Lorraine Wilson Lorraine started this feature section of The Treehorn Express on 2 Feb. with “Education as The Processing of Oranges”. You’ll recall that brilliant table. She has been a leader in the drive for more freedom for teachers and children to learn without limits. Her submission to and appearance before the Senate Inquiry are testimony to her deep concern. An outstanding Australian educator, she challenges us with her article below. [Good luck. I hope that you do better than I did.]

Lorraine grew up in Northern Victoria and attended one-teacher rural schools as a child. She always loved to read but had no real interest in writing until much later, when she was deputy principal of a large inner city school, Helen St Northcote.

The student population included a majority of recently arrived migrant children together with impoverished Australian born children. At that time there…

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