Great information here for parents who want to be informed about the things being imposed on their children at school.

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What Is Going On?

For Parents

Many parents will have only heard of the word, NAPLAN, and wondered what it means and, perhaps, why it seems to be causing a lot of fuss? Why is it the cause of all the fuss?

This Treehorn Express here tries to provide a compendium of terms and issues and references for those who would like to understand and use the associated terms with more confidence during discussion with their child’s teacher or principal. This is for you, Mum or Dad.

NAPLAN is an acronym for National Assessment Program Literacy And Numeracy. It is a program that is fully controlled by the Federal Minister for Education. State Ministers are required to follow.

National – Every school in Australia is expected to provide pupils from Grades 3, 5, 7…

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