Information our parents need if they are to place high stakes testing into an acceptable context, the same context employed in Finland. We would also benefit from a closer look at Singapore where teachers are given a 10% “white space” each week in which to THINK and plan.

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WHY ? Why does Australia do so poorly in PISA tests, compared with countries, like Finland, who don’t have any national blanket tests?



“Today we have fallen in love with objectively quantifying reality and see it as a solution to our problems. Today, students are judged and judge themselves upon such pitiful scales, the scales of measurement.” [Russell Hvolbek : The End of Education.]


 What does Finland Do ?

For parents who wish to know.

Finland is a country with an education system that scores highly on PISA tests, but has no high stakes testing programs [e.g. NAPLAN,NCLB,NS] of its own. It does not believe in the kinds of blanket testing carried out in GERM countries such as Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and U.S.A., all parts of the Global Education Reform Movement. With little…

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