“Thank God that’s over!

From yesterday’s Huffington Post we learn that “Five states were to announce Monday that they will add at least 300 hours of learning time to the calendar in some schools starting in 2013.”

And so we will fix the problems with our schools by doing what hasn’t been working for even longer.

My greatest fear as an educator was always that kids would leave school thinking “Thank God that’s over!”

Looks like five states are even closer to that target.



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2 responses to ““Thank God that’s over!

  1. dick bartley

    Hi Pat, Your Finland article was really good.The logic on how we learn and how schools operate effectively is really simple but the political control factor prevails.”We and the voters have to be in charge”. No other profession has so little public trust in what it does. “We need to test so we can keep an eye on you and placate the voters.” We look forward to catching up with you and Martin soon. Regards Dick

    • Thanks Dick. Watching Australia sink into the madness that is destroying education in the USA is very dispiriting. We both look forward to sharing a glass or two with you both and cheering each other up.

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