This is how bad it gets.

This is the legacy of the Pacing Guide in elementary school, where the kids are moved ahead in order to cover the content rather than in order to teach the child. This is how bad it gets.

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  • November 30, 2012, 6:35 p.m. ET

How Washington, D.C., Schools Cheat Their Students Twice

Kids who fail their courses go to phony Credit Recovery classes. No wonder so many high-school graduates are at or near a fifth-grade level.



I recently bumped into a former student of mine outside the high-poverty public high school where I used to teach math. Quaniesha, as I’ll call her, was on her way home, and I was on my way in for the SAT tutoring sessions I hold with athletes trying to become “NCAA-eligible” so they can accept sports scholarships.

Quaniesha feigned anger as we walked past the school’s metal detectors: “Why you do me like that, Doc? I gotta start Credit Recovery next week.” She was smiling and knew full well how our back-and-forth was going to go.

She’d say I failed her in math. Then I’d say no…

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