Virtual Insanity

Virtual Insanity.

Online courses for kindergarten? Why not. I heard a discussion on the radio recently about children failing kindergarten! At the age of four we can already label a kid as a failure? I wonder if we might also find ways to label newborns as ‘failures’ if they don’t suckle effectively within the first 3 hours after birth, or toddlers as ‘failures’ if they can’t make it from the sofa to the door without landing on their back sides. Where will this insanity end?


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2 responses to “Virtual Insanity

  1. Jaye Morse

    Our school has initiated a “backwards Design” approach…ie look at the assessment and then teach the kids what they need to know to meet the end goal ….seems like teaching to the test in gobbeldy gook!

    • Thanks for your comment. The UBD approach of “backward design” is saved from the teaching to the test trap because of its focus on “big ideas and essential questions”. Overall goals should always be about deep understanding. That effectively removes any consideration of teaching to pass a multiple choice bubble style test as the goal.

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