As a principal new to the district, one of the first pieces of advice i was given was “watch your back”. I too tired of comforting weeping colleagues, of wondering why fellow principals of ‘failing’ schools had suddenly disappeared, of being required to adminster programs and practices that I knew were damaging my kids. I understand why people jump ship. But I admire those who weather the storm.

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In response to the post from North Carolina teacher Kris Neilsen on why he quit, this teacher has good advice on how to survive the deluge of mean-spirited policies now raining down on students, teachers, and schools. My suggestion: Hang in there until this house of cards collapses, as it will.

As a twenty-year veteran of public education (secondary ELA) I found many of my fears and frustrations in this letter. I could well have written it myself, but I would be hard-pressed to refrain from vituperation. Kris was so much more eloquent than I could have hoped to be. Recently, my colleagues and I have made a pact: We’re determined to share the good things that are happening in our classrooms. We are committed to supporting each other, because no one else will. I am comforted by the words of the Mahatma Ghandi- “When I despair, I remember that…

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