Where should the money go?

From the New York Times, October 8th 2012.

“The News Corporation said on Monday that its education division would operate under a newly formed brand called Amplify.

In partnership with AT&T, the division will offer digital learning tools to kindergarten through grade 12 students, part of the media company’s strategy to tap into the multibillion-dollar public education market.

The announcement is part of a larger restructuring by the News Corporation as it prepares to split into two separate publicly traded corporations. The education division, led by the former New York City schools chancellor Joel I. Klein, will join News Corporation’s newspapers and its HarperCollins book division in a newly formed publishing company. The more lucrative entertainment assets, like cable channels and movies and television, will form another, larger company.

Amplify will begin piloting its digital learning tools in the 2012-13 school year, News Corporation said. AT&T will provide 4G tablets, Wi-Fi service and technical assistance.”


So Joel Klein and Rupert Murdoch want to tap into the multi billion dollar education budget eh? Why is this not comforting?

When will we realize that successful education depends on highly skilled teachers and not on Ipads?

Why are we not investing in teacher pre-service education so that every new teacher has been selected from among our highest achievers and enters the classroom with a clear understanding of how children develop and learn and which practices enhance and extend that learning?

Then, perhaps, we will be able to do what the most successful systems do – leave them alone to get on with the job they have been well prepared to do.



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